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Foreword from the Principal

Welcome to St Mary’s Star of the Sea Primary School

St Mary’s Star of the Sea Primary School on the Shore Road in Belfast was established in 1938 in the parish of St Mary’s Greencastle.
As a Catholic school with a strong and positive pastoral care system, we aim to provide a broad and balanced child-centred educational experience for each child.
With parental and other agency support, we aim towards our pupils achieving their fullest academic, spiritual and human potential.
We provide planned and meaningful activities with variety and challenge so that our pupils learn the skills needed for life. We set high expectations of effort, behaviour and achievement. We promote good manners, being considerate of all others and having a positive self image in order to help every member of the school community to succeed with confidence.

In 2016 the Inspectorate found that

      The quality of education provided by the school is very good

      The teaching is mostly very good.

      The school is meeting the educational and pastoral needs of the children

      The school continues to demonstrate a high level of capacity for sustained


In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our website launched to coincide with our 75th anniversary of ‘Caring and Learning Together.’
Yours in good faith
K McGarry